The models of church we’ve been using aren’t working. Churches are shrinking, people are disconnecting, our membership is aging, and there are serious questions about our relevance in the world. It’s time for us to rethink how we do everything. Stripping us down to our mission, to the WHY rather than the HOW, can we rebuild our churches into vibrant, covenanted communities that can think outside our traditional boxes?

Disrupting Church is all about reimagining. It’s about letting go of what we think we know about what church is and breaking it open to become what it could be. It’s less about “going to church” and more about Living Church, Being Church in the world. It’s Churches Without Borders, it’s Six Ways from Sunday, it’s wild, innovative, church birthing and it’s what’s next.

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This is meant to be a radically inclusive, egalitarian conversation. We aren’t interested in setting up borders and restricting access based on spending power. Our writing and podcast will always be free.

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Many of us are facing similar challenges and questions - and we can’t face them alone. This space is designed to generate conversation, spark ideas, and help you meet other likeminded people who are rethinking how we “do” and “be” church.

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Rethinking the ways we are *doing* and *being* church


Rev. Peggy Clarke

Minister, Climate and Racial Justice Activist and Organizer, GreenFaith Fellow, Teacher, Preacher, Mother, Wife and Daughter.